Okay to Not Be Okay | How to Get Well During a Bad Day

My alarm went off at the right time this morning on two different devices. That in no way stopped me from shutting them both off. Ten minutes later I had woken up an hour and a half after I was supposed to be up,  I was going to be late. And I was.

My dog needed to be let out and fed. I needed to shower and do some homework, clean out my purse and continue to study my GRE flash cards.

I only did half the homework, my dog got let out but almost didn't get fed, and brushed my teeth only and ran out the door.

Before bed I make lists of things that I need to do the next morning. I find it easier to make the list the night before, usually in the morning I'm not focused enough to come up with the list. So I just make a list, either in my head or on paper. **

First class I got out early only to realize I left the book for my second class at home. In the middle of class I start crying. I'm still in this class as I type this, I'm just really overwhelmed. You know how that crap just hits you out of no where? You think everything is good until one little thing happens and you're calling everyone you know a b*tch,  including your grandmother and new born baby cousin? Yeah, that's me right now, just to a lesser degree.

Anyway, I've had a bad day. But I don't like to dwell so I'm making a "Get Well During a Bad Day" list. So here it is.

  1. If you lashed out, say sorry. I know that is the last thing you want to do and it sucks, but do it. And you can do it last if you want, but just do it.
  2. Actually think about what set it off. Don't ignore it as if it didn't happen. I'm not saying you have to actively do something about it, just think about it.
  3. This one is special to us. Write about it. Write it down and get it out. We don't want it to fester any longer than it has.
  4. Surround yourself. This one goes with whatever you like. If music is your thing, put on loud tunes. Maybe it's old movies. Maybe it's the people you love. Right now I am in the mood for people. This isn't something that happens often, but I just need my people right now.
  5. Be okay. Not just get over it, that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying to be okay with that fact that you're not okay. There is no way to be happy every moment of everyday, we have to understand that "darkness exists to make light truly count".

This is hard for me. Opening up. It's hard for me to say that I'm not okay. And sometimes I'm not and I'm trying to live with that.

Thanks, for reading. Hope it helped you in anyway.

* Originally posted October 17, 2017 Under the name of Okay. Sure, I Guess. On tylerrly.wordpress.com.