Affirming Our Way to the Weekend

Can you believe it? We've made it through this week. Monday seems like ages ago and weekend is almost here! If you work this weekend, you can trust that you will make it through, just as you have this last week.

In celebration of having a good Friday, one week from Good Friday, I wanted to share three affirmations that have helped me through this week. 

I am. My past doesn't define me. I am growing. Life happens no matter what. This is it. We keep going and we heal along the way. 

If you click the photo, you can learn a bit more about affirmations. 


So often I get caught up in giving that I don't leave room for receiving. There cannot be a balance if all we do is give. 

These is no link. 

It's good to have a reminder that you are worth it. That I am worth it. As along as I try I can do anything. 

This one is from alex_elle on Instagram. She posts a lot like this. Check her out! 

Do you have any affirmation that help you get through the day or the week? If so, please share! I would love to add to my collection!