Four Easy First Time Moving Tips |Moving Series Part I

Hello all!

Pretty soon I'll be moving. Right now I still live at home with my family, this isn't the worst thing, but I'm just ready to be in my own space.

I graduate from university in December, less than two months from now. I don't even know what I plan on doing with the rest of my life. I'll have a degree in psychology, but from before I even started the program, people have been telling me that I can't do anything with it unless I go to grad school. Well, as of right now, I'm not going to grad school for at least another year, in this time I have to figure some things out.

The first of which, is living on my own. I've gone to school close to home, but there isn't a grad school here with a psych program that I'm interested in. Plus, I want to go out of my home state, just to learn what it feels like. But before all that I want to try leaving on my own while still being surrounded by my loved ones. I know I'm going to need some support.

I've got four weeks before I'm off on my own, so I'm planning like crazy. Here are some things that have been helping me get to where I need to be.

Tip #1 // 

Clean Up Your Space

I know this might seem kind of crazy because when packing, things get thrown everywhere and it's nearly impossible to keep the place clean, but if you start with a clean space you'll know where everything is.

I am not tidiest person alive, but I do like a clean space if I can help it. Or at least I like to know where everything is. Even in my mess I will be able to find things. There is a method to my madness. With that being said, I still think it's best to keep your space as neat as possible when moving.

You don't need to have shelves with a sticky notes listing eveything thats on it, or to track what you do with every small thing in your space, just enough where everything is in its place.

This helps prevent looking for things later to put in certain boxes. When things are easier to find it makes packing go by quicker and less stressful.

Last time I moved I ended up leaving my camera charger and by the time I figured it out they had already cleaned and it was too late. I remember leaving it on the window seal and if I cleaned beforehand I wouldn't have had that problem.

Tip #2 //  Plan

Having a plan is the best thing you can do. You'll know where you'll start and finish. Because I am four weeks out, I have started making lists of what is going to be packed up first and what I am going to save for later.

I have been saving, I have a budget plan for all that I need on move in day. This one is important, because forgetting socks won't prevent me from moving into my place, but being 100 short on the rent will.

I also know where I am getting a truck from, the price, and who all is helping me move. That way on move in day, I won't be lugging in a 300 pound couch by myself. Not that it's possible, I would not be moving without my lovely support system.

Tip #3 // Every Day stuff

That last tip leads me here. If I can plan out where I am going to start and where I am going to finish, I can already start packing up some of the items that I'm not using every day. Because on the last day of packing, I am still going to need to have clothes and shoes and socks. I need to make sure that I'm not putting that stuff up.

Tip #4 // Breathe

Moving can be stressful. I know that I am freaking out every third day. I cried to my mom a few times because I was worried that I would get fired and become homeless. She assured me that I could always come back home. While you don't have the support of my mom, still know that things will work out fine. Being an adult is hard. Being a new adult feeling like you must know everything and have it all figured out is harder.

Just live in this moment, bask in it. You'll only move out for the first time once, might as well enjoy it.

Thanks for reading.

This is a new series on my blog, this is a new blog. I plan to explore each of these a bit more, I even want to add some more. If you can think of any tips that have helped you move in the past, leave them down below. Or just some moving stories, I want to read them all!

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